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Complex Cybersecurity Solutions: A Predicament for SMEs Cybersecurity Strategy

Complex Cybersecurity Solutions: A Predicament for SMEs Cybersecurity Strategy

Most cybersecurity solutions providers develop and sell security products and services bent towards serving large enterprises with established IT departments, specialists, processes, and budgets.

43% of cyberattacks attack target small and medium enterprises. Unfortunately, SMEs lack security tools and controls that fit the bill since many modern cybersecurity products seem complex and pricey, especially for resource-constrained SMEs. Unfortunately, hackers are not sparing any target, regardless of size or industry, with their soaring and sophisticated attacks. In the cybersecurity world, no business is too small or too large to fall victim to a cyber incident. Increased and successful hacking activities have led to the closure of 60% of small businesses within 6 months after suffering a cyberattack.

SMEs have resorted to buying and using multiple security products without an understanding of the solutions’ features, capabilities, and if they are a perfect fit for their security needs. As a result, many organizations operate a disjointed web of ineffective security profiles that further compromises the capabilities of teams and budgets in an organization. It is mind-boggling that only 14% of SMEs rate their promptitude to identify vulnerabilities and wade cyber risks as highly effective.

Economic digitalization keeps opening new growth factors for businesses with organizations quickly embracing new smarter and connected processes and systems. These trends along with the advent of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), 5G, and IoT, that organizations are adopting keep exposing businesses to a plethora of cyber risks.

The proclivities in economic digitalization imply that SME owners must keep learning more and investing in suitable digital security strategies. Before purchasing a cybersecurity solution, company owners need to consider their business models, type of data collected and stored, their customer base, their IT infrastructure, and the technologies they need to secure their environment.

You should not worry about being a cyber expert to secure your organization. You can leverage the CyberPal platform novel approach to identify and purchase a cybersecurity product. CyberPal makes it possible for business owners and end-users to share their requirements and answer a few questions about their IT environment. CyberPal App connects you to the nearest cybersecurity solutions provider, consultant, vendors, and resellers that fit the profile. The CyberPal platform allows you to find all types of cybersecurity solutions offered by companies and resellers nearest to your location. CyberPal’s straightforward and convenient cybersecurity solution matching process factors in features such as search, discover, qualify, validate, and award, to simplify and covert intricate cybersecurity buying activities into insightful, cost-effective experiences.   

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