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Cybersecurity in a Remote Office: An Innovative Approach

Cybersecurity in a Remote Office: An Innovative Approach

Research findings demonstrate that remote work makes staff happier, with 55 percent of commuters in the UK, indicating increased levels of frustration caused by their commute. Companies that offer flexible working makes a job more attractive to 70 percent of candidates. Additionally, organizations that permit remote working strategies increase retention rates by 10 percent.

These facts indicate that remote working is not just a fad. Instead, it is here in perpetuity. At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic that has disrupted almost all aspects of life globally has resulted in further rise of remote workers, as companies encourage their employees to operate from home to slow down the spread of the virus.

Fortunately, the current digital solutions enable organizations to evade past apprehension tied to issues concerning employee productivity and governance. Some of the widely used technologies in remote working include collaboration and video conferencing tools. Businesses can now enjoy benefits, such as increased productivity, a vast talent pool, better work-life balance, cost savings, and enhanced employee well-being.

The sizable amount of people working from home has, in turn, opened a wide range of cybersecurity vulnerabilities on corporate networks because of the increased use of untrusted networks and unsanctioned devices to access sensitive information and systems.

A conspicuous observation from the trend is that many organizations lack adequate preparations to support this spur-of-the-moment workforce.  A recent study by OpenVPN revealed that 90 percent of IT specialists believe that working from home is not secure. Additionally, 70 percent of security professionals think that remote employees pose a higher risk than onsite workers.

Cyber Risks of Working from Home

The figure shows some of the leading cybersecurity concerns that organizations with remote workers face:

Cybersecurity Measures while Working from Home

Employee Responsibilities:

  • Endpoint device protection: install antivirus software for your device.
  • Patching: Update installed apps and operating systems with the latest update releases from vendors.
  • Physical security: shut down devices after work. Secure mobile phones and laptops from theft. Use strong passwords to protect devices
  • Separate work and personal devices

Company Responsibilities:

  • Use VPNs: require employees to connect to an organization’s infrastructure through a VPN with proper encryption. Ensure that the VPN vendor provides patches and updates
  • User awareness: share training materials and tips to create and maintain cyber hygiene across the organization
  • Backup: have a contingency plan for sensitive information
  • Policies: develop and share procedures for handling tasks such as installation and use of software such as Zoom
  • MDM: apply mobile device management solutions to set a standard configuration for connected devices. MDM enables an organization to lock unsolicited endpoints attempting to connect to the network remotely

How CyberPal can Help

Most of the cybersecurity measures recommended for securing work from home involve purchasing cybersecurity solutions, such as antivirus, VPNs, MDM tools, and so on. Besides, organizations now see the need to work with managed security service providers to meet the breakneck cybersecurity demands caused by remote work. Since most businesses remain offhand with remote working, meeting the security needs is a daunting task. Besides, many of them lack the internal expertise to help put proper security measures in place.

This observation means that SMEs are facing difficulties when selecting the correct cybersecurity solutions and vendors, which leads to delays in purchasing relevant security solutions.

CyberPal makes it possible for companies and end-users to share their requirements and answer a few questions to find the best and nearest cybersecurity solutions providers, consultants, vendors, and resellers based on the client’s security needs. This novel approach is crucial at a time when government agencies have restricted movements in most regions.

Within a few steps, CyberPal App will enable you to compare and find all types of cybersecurity solutions offered by vendors and resellers nearest to your location.

To make the process easier, CyberPal further allows you to compare, review, ask peers, and purchase reports for all your cybersecurity requirements, all in one platform. Ultimately, the solution simplifies the sophisticated search and purchase process by transforming it into a swift, cost-effective, and insightful experience.

CyberPal assists you in searching for cybersecurity solutions providers effortlessly. The tool offers faster and enhanced communication. It is location-enabled and uses GPS technology to identify and connect you to resellers and cybersecurity experts near you.

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