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Return-to-Workplace Guide for CISOs: A COVID-19 Fall-Back Strategy

Return-to-Workplace Guide for CISOs: A COVID-19 Fall-Back Strategy

Straightaway, the coronavirus outbreak compelled businesses to shift to working from home strategies, including setting up novel technologies and security measures to enable continuity in regular operations.

After a period of sluggish growth caused by the pandemic, governments are now exploring ways to reopen economies, and eventually, businesses will start resuming normal operations. This resolution means that employees will soon return to their offices after several weeks of working remotely. Similarly, the return to the office strategy will face the same challenges.

Security Implications During Return to Workplace

Employees may undoubtedly bring a range of cyberthreats while shifting from remote workstations. Some of the common risks during the phase include:

  • Use of insecure software: whether employees used company-issued or personal devices while working from home, they will pose a threat if they operate outdated security software and unpatched operating systems
  • Malware in personal devices: employees are likely to use their home devices at the office as they rush to vacate from remote workstations. At the same time, many businesses might not have adequate time and expertise to examine their inventory. As a result, employees might connect potentially infected devices to the corporate network
  • Resource shortcomings: CISO’s function mat have constrained budgets, limited resources, and skillsets.
  • Lack of security awareness: employees returning from remote work may lack proper security training. Besides, most business will operate with inadequately defined and established cybersecurity processes and control because of the disruptive phase

CISOs Considerations to Mitigate Cyber Risks during that Phase

Returning the workforce from home to the office encounters an array of security implications that CISOs should perceive and alleviate. Fortunately, this shift differs from the unexpected and rushed work from home decisions triggered by the pandemic.

The CISO will have the responsibility of managing bother internal and external IT risks during return to the workplace period to effectively monitor, repel, and respond to cyber threats while meeting compliance requirements. The security officer will need different security tools and expertise for the following areas of focus:

CISO’s Area of Focus

Security Solutions and Expertise 

Security Operations

Real-time threat intelligence


Intrusion detection and prevention systems

Security information and event management (SIEM)

Cyber-risk and intelligence

Gathering intelligence about people, technologies, and process that impact the organization’s risk posture

Data loss protection

Tools to monitor the flow of data internally and externally to detect when a cybercriminal attempts to steal sensitive information

Identity and access management (IAM)

Tools and skills to determine the users accessing systems and data


Techniques to investigate cyber incidents

Compliance and governance

Tools and frameworks for managing security and compliance regulations

Ultimately, returning to the workplace is approaching soon. CISOs will need a plan and solutions to reduce cyber risks while facilitating timely and secure return to normal operations. Undeniably, many organizations, no matter how much resources they have, will struggle with managing cybersecurity during the period.

With unending and competing priorities and agendas for CISO, there is a need to align the security strategy with the business. A Deloitte study found that 46% of CISOs fear the inability to delivering this proposition.[1] Ultimately, organizations require their security officers to assess and implement security technologies and standards to restore and enhance organizational security capabilities.

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