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As businesses pass through this enduring period through its IT and Cyber Security journey, the need for an innovative digital channel is ever more pragmatic. A crowded marketplace where every cyber provider claims to be the best, it is hard to determine which one’s the best for your business. Find out what strategies’ businesses can use to speed up their cyber security solutions purchasing process. With the use of AI-led platform that uses critical data points and location-enabled services discover how businesses can now find the best-fit cyber providers. The industry would benefit from a multisided platform that is symbiotic in nature which enables users to connect with their cyber security vendors and independent experts to resolve their cyber security needs and where Vendors can have more meaningful engagements with their prospective IT decision makers.

Download this guide to learn:
  • The current state of cyber security industry and businesses in 2020
  • Common issues businesses face whilst procuring cyber solutions
  • Best Practices and tips to find best-fit cyber solutions for your business
  • Innovative solution for businesses to speed up theirCyber Security solutions search process
  • Find out how an AI-led multisided platform can revolutionise the way the cyber industry operates

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